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Cristiana Barbatelli Barbatelli & Partners公司CEO

Mrs. Cristiana Barbatelli, CEO of Barbatelli & Partners, thanks to her long-term presence in China (over 35 years), is considered by the institutional, diplomatic and business community a key-player and a real leader in supporting the development of the relationships between Italy and China. 
Her professionalism, transparency, loyalty and commitment to the institutional affairs is well-recognized by the public, and the following achievements are important to be reminded:
1. In recognition to her excellent service to the Republic of Italy, the Ambassador of Italy to the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Ettore Sequi, has recently awarded Ms. Cristiana Barbatelli with the Order of Merit of Italian Star, in Beijing, on December 10th 2016.
2. During the official visit of the President of the Republic of Italy H.E. Sergio Mattarella in China, on February 22nd 2017, Ms. Cristiana Barbatelli was invited to attend the Italy-China Cultural Forum.
3. Since 1994 Ms. Cristiana Barbatelli has been an advisor to the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, where she has provided advices and recommendations for policies in order to improve the FTZ efficiency and services range.
4. Since 2009 Ms. Cristiana Barbatelli is Independent Director in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, carrying out her activity for MNCs listed in China.

鑒于Barbatelli & Partners 公司CEO白克莉女士在中國多達35年的企業經驗,白克莉女士被各大機構、外交界和商界認定為協助友好發展中意關系的關鍵人物。
1、2016年12月10日,意大利駐中華人民共和國大使H.E. Ettore Sequi先生在北京向白克莉女士頒贈了意大利之星的功績勛章,為表彰白克莉女士對意大利共和國卓越的企業服務。
2、2017年2月22日,在意大利共和國總統H.E. Sergio Mattarella正式訪問中國之際,白克莉女士受邀參加意大利--中國文化論壇。

Email: cristianabarbatelli@barbatelli.net