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匠心設計 專業策劃 專注細節 服務到位 全程無憂

王海妮 塞浦路斯工商聯(Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Mrs.Haini Wang
Graduate of Babson College, USA, (Cum Laude), ranked first in Entrepreneurship for over two decades by US News and World Report.
Experience in the property development and tourism sectors in Cyprus and in China, dealing with the Chinese market.
I currently work for the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry providing services as the only Chinese speaking person at the China Desk. A sample of my main activities while at the CCCI is given below:
Organizing and hosting meetings, events and seminars for various Chinese speaking groups and delegations, both those resident in Cyprus and those coming from China for business, as required by CCCI. Events are held all over Cyprus and in China.
I act as a liaison and mediator also doing translation, interpretation and facilitating negotiations between various Chinese, Cypriot and foreign stakeholders. These parties are important for the general business and cultural activities on the island. For example, between the CCCI and the Chinese Embassy or the Confucius Institute, between private banks and the Chinese Embassy, between private developers and their customers, between law firms and their clients, between Chinese businesses wanting to establish a presence in Cyprus and the Cypriot government, between the CCCI and various Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, between municipal governments in Cyprus and various Chinese municipal governments, between Cypriot and Chinese cultural institutions as well as many other parings. 
It can be said that I may be involved at some level in many proceedings which are important for business, culture and government involving the interaction of Cyprus with China. In such proceedings a person who speaks both English and Chinese, is familiar with both China and Cyprus and also has the necessary ability and mentality to accomplish the tasks at hand is someone whose involvement is required. During these procedures I directly interact with high level government officials and recognizable businessmen, such as mayors in both Cyprus and China, ministers, national level governmental officials, CEOs of banks and other large nationally known enterprises etc. 
I have provided interpretation and facilitation for articles appearing in national and local newspapers in Cyprus such as Politis, Adesmeftos etc. I have interviewed the Chinese ambassador and officials from the Cyprus Ministry of Cultural for China Central Television channel 6.
I was editor in chief of the first Chinese language newspaper licensed by the PIO and available in print and online.
Email: wanghainicn@gmail.com