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Alfredo Rolando 羅蘭德 中秘投資發展協會(CPIDA)

Alfredo Rolando 羅蘭德


Alfredo Rolando is an Economics and History BA Degree graduate from the University of British Columbian in Vancouver, Canada. He also has a post graduate degree in International Trade from the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He is a serial entrepreneur, he has successfully launched a money remittance company in the early 2004 and he also founded one of the largest real estate brokerage companies in Lima, Peru.  In 2016 Alfredo founded China Peru Investment Development Association, an organization that provides an economic bridge between China and Peru. He has built a dynamic team in Peru that helps Chinese companies enter the market and invest in several sectors. One of the most prolific sectors in the Peruvian economy is the mining sector.


Peruvian Mining Consultancy


We facilitate financially successful mining ventures for mining investors in Peru.  Our ability to deliver results is driven by our team of industry experts, political network and our business values.


We are also able to source minerals from Peruvian mines for exportation.  Peru is a world renowned source of Gold Ore, Copper Ore, Iron, Zinc, Lithium and several other rare earth minerals.


Our strategy is to provide a seek-and-acquire consulting service within the Peruvian mining sector.   Peru is a highly demanded mining market due to economic, political and monetary stability; therefore, several bidders quickly acquire projects that go on the market.  Our strategy optimizes our industry insiders; we know which projects pose lesser risk and higher economic value.


We help the investor develop an investment profile in order to determine the most adequate mining portfolio. Once we have a clear understanding of the investor’s demands. We can begin to search for adequate projects for acquisition.  


We can help you determine a mining investment strategy according to your needs and desired results: long term diversified portfolios; mineral supply procurement; large mining takeovers

Email arolando@cpida.org